U.K.C. Registered Plott Tree Hounds For Sale

Red Brindle, 25 inches 70 Lbs.
Sire:Grand Nite Champion Garrison's Brindle Ranger #1 historical Reproducing Plott stud,in between his two uncles.
World Nite CH Kansas Sizzlin Heat & Grand Nite Champion & World Champion of Breed Siebert & Ottos' Sarge.
Dam: Nite Ch Grnd Ch Mansholts Molly by Gr Nite Ch. Gr.Ch. Texas & La. States Ch. and hall of fame Coon Dog Cypress River Clyde.
He is producing top notch pups, including the only 4 way grand champion of the plott breed to date. One world champion. One that has won the coveted Isiash Kidd award at National Plott Days both times she has been entered.There are a number of night champions and pleasure dogs that are being used on Coon, mountain lions, bear, wild boar, & bobcat.

At Stud 'PR' River Bluff Brindle Cowboy Up a nephew of Sandy Hook Simba.
I hve bought and sold more than 30 of his weaning age pups and grabbed him the minute he was available.

UKC Nite Champion, UKC Grand Show Champion, UKC Field Champion, AKC Grand Nite Champion, WCCHR/ACHA Nite Champion, NKC Nite Champion, 2007 American Plott Association Coon Dog of the Year, high scoring Plott and 9th place overall in the NKC world championship in 2008.

I consider myself a lucky old man. Many a good breeder spent a whole lifetime breeding good dogs that are the foundation stock of my breeding program and never had one of his dogs get rated in the top 10 reproducers.
I presently have 3 Cowboy Up #1 & Sandy Hook Simba #3 stud dogs and Reddicks Little Ann #5 reproducing Female.Like me Simba and Ann are old, hopefully by using top reproducers from reproducers hunters will have good dogs long after I'm gone.
The majority of my pups go to pleasure hunters for coon, bobcat, wild boar, bear, mountain Lion & even one in the Holy Land as a bomb sniffer. I had phone calls from bear hunters in Idaho and Wisc. who had guardedly introduced their 3 & 4 month old puppies to bear with amazing results, thats what keeps this old man still breeding and preasure hunting plott hounds long after most hunters nearing 80 years have long since retired. They get wormed and started on heart worm pretentative at 3 weeks. At 6 weeks they get their first round of 7 way puppy shots and weaned a few days later.

Here is a typical pup from Stormey

Occasionally I will have a Started dog for sale.
Here is a 5 year old broke female named Pee Wee for sale.

My pups are guaranteed to perform to your satisfaction at 12 months of age or you can return them with papers in order and a health certificate from your vet for a replacement puppy.
To my knowledge no other breeder except Dale Brandenburger of the Pioneer Plott bloodlines ever made this continuous guarantee.

Here is a Female that was bred to Cowboy that has a few pups left for sale.

Here is a young hunter headed home with his first Plott Hound!

After more than 60 years of following the old hounds I can no longer competition hunt with the younger crowd, so I reward the owners of my pups who competition hunt by giving them $100.00 off their next pup for every one they make Night Champion and a free pup for every one they make a Grand Nite Champion.
Bring your light and boots. I still pleasure hunt about 3 nights each week and take my time going to the tree.I will show you any dog here (male or Female) in the woods.
Price of pups are $300.00.
Pups are reserved with a deposit on a first come first served basis only.
Will ship with buyer paying expenses.
Thanks for reading, hopefully these many years of experience will be of help to you also.

Have pups from Dutchess and a son of Simba, this is the second time for this cross. Customers are telling me the last pup's were treeing with the older dogs or split treeing by 8 months.
Then I have 2 outstanding Cowboy daughters bred. one to a son of Wolf Creek Austin (formerly rated as the #1 or #2 stud before his death) and the other to another son of Simba that came from a litter that had 8 blue maltese, one of which won the Coonhound all around world championship with a teenage boy handling her.
A deposit is required for a reservation, will ship ground or air with buyer paying shipping expenses.

3 month old Cowboy pups with a cat treed.

Craig Grawe
Keyesport, IL 62253