Kimberly Joy Pence

This page is dedicated to my deceased daughter, Kim, who was killed by a drunk driver on 1-7-95. She was 28 years old and left behind a husband and daughter. I can not describe the pain that I feel every time the holidays are here knowing I will not get that phone call telling me Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas. It is hard to understand the shock that you get when you receive a phone call in the middle of the night saying your daughter is dead, killed by a drunk driver.


She was hit head on by a car going the wrong way on Interstate 5 near Cottage Grove, Oregon. The wrong way driver was identified as Joe Amador Navarro of Astoria, Oregon. He was convicted of driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter.

Once again a drunk gets behind the wheel of an automobile and takes someone's life. When will it stop? How many more loved ones will die? How many times must it be said, if you drink, don't drive!

It is so sad to realize that Kim will not see her daughter grow up, or spend time with her husband and other loved ones. She had so much to look forward to in her life and now it has been cut short. She is missed by her family and friends.

Kim I miss you, and I love you very much. You will always be remembered. Your Dad.