The Jack Russell Terrier was developed in the 19th century by Reverend John Russell who always rode to the hunt with saddle bags loaded with them. Jack Russells are used for fox, coon, badger, groundhog, possum and other varmint. Jack Russells can be used for any type of hunt. Jack Russells are first and foremost hunting dogs. The traits and skills that make them excellent hunting dogs (i.e., digging, barking, aggressive nature, ability to follow scent)


General Appearance:
A sturdy tough terrier, on its toes all the time. The body length must be balanced to its height. The dog should present a compact balanced image, always being in a solid hard condition.

Should be well balanced and in proportion to the body. The skull should be flat, of moderate width at the ears, narrowing to the eyes. The nose should be black. The jaw should be powerful and well boned with strongly muscled cheeks.

Small "V" shaped drop ears carried forward close to the head and of moderate thickness.

Eyes: Should be almond shaped, dark in color and full of life and intelligence.

Neck: Clean and muscular, of good length, gradually widening at the shoulders.

Body: The chest should be shallow,narrow and the front legs set not too widely apart, giving an athletic, rather than heavily chested appearance. The back should be strong, straight and, in comparison to the height of the terrier, give a balanced image. The loin should be slightly arched.

Color: White should be predominate-more than 51% white. The dog can either have tan, black, brown or tri color. Brindle markings are unacceptable.