Worldclass Kennel Club
Bob Wilson
2548 Quasky Diag
Independence, IA 50644

Phone 319-934-3828
Monday-Friday 9-5
Evenings 8-10
Saturday 8-12 Noon
No Sunday calls

We are a nation wide kennel club. We hold Nite Hunts that are single dog cast only. The hunts are one hour actual hunting time. At this time we do have membership dues . All visitors to the hunts can hunt in one hunt undera visitors pass.These visitor passes are available at our regular hunts. Our special hunts do require you to be a member. We do have complete info package. And we can register dog we have unique feature on our pedigree . It is a full color photo of you dog by the bill of sale. If you decide to e-mail us here to receive the free info package please leave your NAME & ADDRESS so we can snail mail you our free info package. Jion the fun and a honest Nite hunt. E-mail write or call us here today dont delay

Boone Valley Coon Hunters
John Ferrar
350 J Avenue
Piolt Mound, IA 50223

Basset Ridge Cur & Beagle Club
Ell Albrecht
12059 Camp Comfort Rd.
Greene, IA 50636

Iowa Tree Top Cur and Feist Club
Ell Albrecht
12059 Camp comfort Rd.
Greene, IA 50636