A Little About Hounds

Read the following for a brief history on hounds, then follow the links for each breed were you will find a photo and information on that breed. Photo's are large to give the viewer a detailed look.

Today there are considered to be 6 coon hound breeds; the English (redtick) coon Hound, the Black and Tan Coon Hound, the Bluetick Coon Hound, the Red Bone Coon Hound, the Treeing Walker Coon Hound and the Plott.

Of the breeds listed above the first five hound types were imported into the United States from England where they had been used predominately as fox hounds (England did not have raccoons). The sixth breed, the Plott Hound came from a completely different background, arriving here from Germany where they had been used mainly as boar hunting dogs.

The first coon hound to be registered with UKC in 1900 was the American Black and Tan. Black and Tan characteristics include a tendency to be larger boned than other breeds, long eared and possess the famous 'cold' nose.

The next breed into the UKC was the Red Bone Coon Hound in 1902. A Red Bone hound is medium built with pleading eyes, a sweet voice, and a deep rich red coat. They are considered to be a well balanced breed, handling all hunting climates well, and are even known to make excellent swim dogs.

The English Coon Hound registered with UKC in 1905 under the name of English Fox and Coon Hound. The treeing Walker and Bluetick originally fell into the English Coon Hound breed. The Treeing Walker wan recognized as a separate breed in 1945 and the Bluetick a year later in 1946.

The Plott was brought to America sometime around 1750 by Jonathon Plott and were used for hunting bears. Through-out the years the Plott hound has been bred for stamina, courage and gameness. They were registered with UKC in 1946.

One of the first mentions we have of hounds appears in the diary of one of explorer DeSoto's men, in which he describes how the hounds were used for the hunting. Today, besides being an excellent sport hunter and show animal, the coon hound and his handler has aided Department of Fish and Game in successfully tracking and overtaking often extremely harmful game animals, including mountain lion and bear, who are threatening human life and welfare.
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