Harrell's High Lonesome Blueticks
Bluetick Pups for Sale

Registered Cameron Bluetick pups, 100% guaranteed or your money back or another pup of your choice.
Sold out of pups at this time, have a good male that I will stud. Now accepting deposits for the next litter.
Will be training dogs on Lion and Bobcats starting in December, $650 per month. Call for Details.
Will also work pups from May to November.

Also have available fresh chilled semen from my top dogs. Call for details.

These are Big Game Breed Dogs.

Jim Harrell
Swan Lake, MT
406-886-2008 Home

Hi folks, This 2010-2011 hunting season I am going to try something and if it works out well and I get a good response I will try to do it every year. This is NOT a hunt, you will not be able to shoot a lion, this is for chasing ONLY. We have quite a few lions here and chase one just about every day and sometimes two a day. A lot of people have asked me if I could do this, but I have always had a full time job and couldn't, but this year with the economy the way it is I have the time.
For $200.00 a day I will let people come chase lions with me and my hounds. I would prefer no more than two people at a time and no more than four hounds at a time with running two hounds at a time on each lion. The reason for only two of your hounds on each lion is for better control which will make for a more enjoyable chase. You will need health certificates, shock collars and tracking equipment. Over the years I have had people come out to pick up a pup, or bring me a dog they wanted me to train or hunt for them, or various other reasons and were able to go on a chase with me and seemed to enjoy it very much.
So if this is something you might be interested in please give me a call.
Jim Harrell

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