The photo was used insted of the full cover so the viewer could have a larger size photo to view. This photo is from a past cover of Full Cry. The photo this month is a little offbeat, in that it does not show the trail and tree dog that usually graces our cover. Trent Meyer was watching over a herd of some 2000 sheep in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness area of Montana. He had been having a problem with predators killing some of this charges so he had his Rottweiler with him.
He stayed with his sheep day and night. One night he awoke to discover a bear sniffing his sleeping bag. In late summer he saw movement about 20 yards away. There stood a huge grizzly bear, looking him over. Trent's Rottweiler spotted the bear about the same time and gave chase. He snapped this photo as the dog approached the bear at full speed., chasing the bear clear out of the canyon. The bear never returned.

grizzly & rottweiler