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Get in, Sit down, Hang on, and Shut up.
Well, gun owners (us) have some terrific news coming out of Washington. Attorney General John Ashcroft is changing the federal government's long standing interpretation of the 2nd Amendment to assert that it covers individual gun owner rights. He says "The text and the original intent of the 2nd Amendment clearly protect the right of individuals to keep and bear arms".
Ashcroft has reportedly asked the Justice Departments Office of Legal Counsel to draft a legal statement in line with that view, which would make it official US policy. It sure looks like the Bush Administration is good for hunters and firearm owners. A complete turnaround from Clintons bunch, for sure! NRA members (which should include YOU) are getting their money's worth. Without NRA, hunters and gun owners are gone, gone, gone ! ! !
Also, in July the United Nations Conference on the Illicit Trade of Small Arms and Light Weapons began and the US Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs John Bolton, the US Under Secretary of State for Small Arms Control and International Security Affairs soon made it perfectly clear that the US would not support any proposal that threatened our Right To Keep and Bear Arms. GO TEAM GO!
Bolton reminded the UN about our Bill Of Rights, stating "As US Attorney General John Ashcroft has said `just as the First and Fourth Amendments secure individual rights of speech and security respectively, the Second Amendment protects an individuals right to keep and bear arms'." Bolton further said "The US will not join consensus on a final document that contains measures abrogating the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms." I can imagine what would be happening right now if we hadn't changed administrations when we did.
When I die I want to go peacefully, in my sleep, like my Grandfather did. Not screaming, like the passengers in his car did.
L J Armstrong, of Cliff NM "wrote" me a letter in the form of a video. He sure does have a nice place down there. He has about 30 or 40 good looking Holstein colored Hounds that he takes exceptional care of. He sells very few pups and commands a higher price for them than I have ever heard of for them. He owns a horse and a big black mule that I wouldn't mind owning, as I know it has to be a good-un or he wouldn't keep it. In his house are some trophy lions, bear, and exotics. I think his wife is a taxidermist. No, Richard E. Craig that doesn't mean she does taxes. Back in the 1960s L J wrote in Full Cry the San Diego Houndsmen's Ass'n. column. Thanks for the "letter" L J.
Remember to keep your fingernails chewed off. That way you don't have to clean them to look nice.
I finally met Jeff Davis. This was over in Lee Vining at a restaurant. It took me a while to figure out who he was until he climbed into an official truck with a dog-box. Mrs. Davis, Vicky, was was with him and we had a nice chat. Jeff is one of the USDA Wildlife Specialists working on the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Project trying to keep the lions from finishing off the last of the endangered sheep. Vicky is his Dept. of Fish & Game assistant.
Another team with Jeff Ostergaurd and a F&G assistant are also part of the group working on this important project.
Last winter Vicky was climbing around some rocks, up in the snow, while following the Hounds and stepped into a hole that turned out to be an old camp of Charlie Tant. Charlie would camp just about anywhere the lion hunting was good and wasn't too particular about comfort. Usually a cave or a hole in the rocks but occasionally under a tree root. Jeff is a fortunate man to have such a lady for a wife and hunting companion.
Dick Muldoon sent me some photos of a Tant camp that he took his family to several years ago. It was an overhanging rock with water nearby and Tant's cooking utensils were still there. He would leave the essentials for cooking at each of his camps Years ago Steve Matthis told me he was hunting over on the California coast and while going over some rocks he found a sooty chimney in a hole of the rocks. He climbed around until he found the entrance. Expecting an Indian site he was surprised to see TANT scratched on the walls. These camps are around, and I suppose deer hunters find them and don't know what they are looking at. Ben Lilley camped the same way and his camps were found for years after he was gone. Charlie's sister Mrs. Mercer of Medford, Oregon, told me that Charlie had hunted with "Mr. Lilly." They certainly hunted and lived alike.
A good rule for going through life is to keep the heart a little softer than the head. You know when your trying real hard to hear your dogs away off in some tough canyon it helps if you cup your hands behind your ears. It also helps if you open your mouth about 1". It has something to do with the ear bone connected to the jaw bone-the jaw bone connected to the head bone- the head bone, etc. No kidding.
Bumper Stickers:
Eat well, Stay fit, Die anyway
CATS: The other white meat.
Don't be sexist-broads hate that.
Honk if you have never seen an Uzi fired from a car window.
If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.
Money isn't everything, but it sure keeps the kids in touch.
My gun has killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy's car.

Well, we had our swim race on June 23-24. It did not have as good a turnout as we usually do. We didn't make much money on the races as we paid out 100%. Ed Fadeley was the auctioneer and did a fine job. It was "Fresno hot" and that may have been the reason for the low turnout or maybe we are holding them too often. If anyone knows how to get participants, let us know. I do know the Houndsmen like to get together once in awhile to BS and catch up on what's going on, but the kids sure had a great time playing in the pond, catching crawdads, and fish and getting wet.
The low turnout with 100% pay out was good for the people there, and we had all the classes we needed with some running two dogs in a race. Of course, the dogs loved it too.
June 24 2001, CCSDA Water Race:
C Division
1st line-1st tree, JESS, Rick Hauschel
2nd line: BANJO, Dennis Melkonian
2nd tree, DEACON, Toby Cripe

B Division
1st line-2nd tree, STYLE, Dennis Melkonian
2nd line-1st tree, OL' MISS, Sam Taylor

A Division
1st line-1st tree, SPOTLITE, Sam Taylor
2nd line, SPOOK,Jeremiah
2nd tree, LONG DOG, Ed Fadeley

Sunday, June 24 2001 CCSDA Swim Race
C Division;
1st line, JUNIOR BOY, Gabe Vasquez
2nd line, BONNIE, Gabe Vasquez
1st tree, SCAR, Dan Deubner
2nd tree, SADIE, Larry Lockwood

B Division
1st line-1st tree, BLUE JACK, G. Overstreet & R.Bailey
2nd line, BO, Larry Lockwood
2nd tree, SINGER, Sam Taylor

A Division
1st line-1st tree, SPOT LITE, Sam Taylor
2nd line-2nd tree, LONG DOG, Ed Fadeley

Lewie R. Peck showed up and most of the older hunters were able to renew their friendships from years gone by, and the newer hunters were able to meet this legendary hunter. Lewie showed me his custom-made hunting rig, and it is something else. On many of his earlier hunts, he would ponder what all he wanted in a rig and now he has it. It is made upon a big Dodge chassis. He has sleeping, storage, cooking and go areas along with a sit-down eating area when he takes out his 4x4 ORV. I know that to be able to sit down inside and eat at a table is real comfort. He has electric lighting inside and out and an enlarged fuel tank. He puts his 414 in where he had figured to haul his mule and pulls the mule in a trailer.
Lewie always has top hounds and I'll bet the mule is a good one too. He is "gaited" and I can just see Lewie loping his mule, down the trail, covering the country. Ask him sometime about the job me and Merrill Vann got him as US Fish & Wildlife Lion Hunter in Nevada.

Ha! They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance.
Don't unplug it. It will just take a moment to fix.
Let's take the shortcut. He can't see us from there.
What happens if you touch these two wires together---
We won't need reservations.
Don't worry it's not loaded.
It's always sunny there this time of year.
You can make it easy... that train isn't coming that fast.
If you knew anything you wouldn't be a traffic cop.
Wife, these biscuits are tough.
Say, who's boss of this joint,anyhow?

K-Mart caved in to pressure from a tiny minority of anti-gun extremists. One day after meeting with them K-Mart announced they would no longer sell handgun ammo. This is disappointing to see a company such as this cave, especially considering this is the same company that fired hypocritical talk show host Rosie O'Donnell as its spokesman in 1999, shortly after she launched her infamous all out assault on Americas law-abiding gun owners. K-Mart has seen the last of me!
A woman returns home from an evening church service and is startled by an intruder. Catching the man in the act of robbing her home of its valuables, she yells, "Stop! Acts 2:38!" (...Repent and be baptized...) The burglar stops dead in his tracks and the woman calls the police, explaining what she did. Later, an officer cuffs the burglar and asks,"Why did you just stand there? All the woman did was yell a Bible scripture at you." "Scripture?" replies the burglar."I thought she said she had an ax and two 38's!" Richard E. Craig tells me that it could be that my sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.
I just hate to hear about folks loosing puppies from the females lying on them. We have all seen the mothers lay down in the middle of a litter and the pup(s) behind yelling like the devil. If they are between her and the wall, they die.
I have stopped this loss and think this method is 100% effective. What I use is 1" PVC pipe, 4ells for the corners and a bunch of tees placed all around the sides where needed. The tees have 4" stubs in them to make a rail that is 4" off the floor and 4" away from the walls. This makes a 4" safe place where the mother can't lay. They will lay back there and miss out on that feeding, but chances are they will make the next. I don't glue the pipes at all. It takes real effort to get them apart anyway and in my whelping box I have to pop it apart to get it out when they are about 4 weeks old. John Stossel recently got in hot water with so-called environmental groups. It seems his documentary, on ABC, concerning children being taught only one side of issues pertaining to the environment was offensive to the "Greens".
He asked a group of elementary-aged children questions such as whether 100% of all scientists looking into what is causing global warming agree that man is the cause. Of course it was unanimous YES.
Mr. Stossel demonstrated that teachers were giving young children, politically correct answers to complex questions that are disputed by noted scientists.
In the case of global warming 10,000 scientists signed a petition saying man was not the cause of global warming while 1,600 scientists said man was.
Locally in the Sierra Nevada Protection Campaign, a coalition of major protectionist groups here in California, were influencing third graders to write the Forest Service to help the Greens support increased protection of forests, watersheds, and most important ... roadless areas.
The FS received 13,000 post cards from 40 states and 25 countries endorsing the isolationist philosophy in the name of environment. If those third graders understand their argument, the public usage impact of eliminating roads and campgrounds and logging) they sure are more thoughtful than most elementary students are. What is happening is that they are parroting what their teachers teach,and they're not being taught the whole story. The FS recently imposed severe restrictions on the Sequoia and Sierra Nat. Forests (locally) and the strongest restrictions were to be used around fisher den sites. However, they couldn't find any dens.
Imagine their surprise when they recently learned that fishers don't have dens because they move their young every few days. On the Sequoia Forest they even learned that the spotted owls were eating baby fishers. Ha.
Ask your friends in the Sierra Club, Audubon Society or Wilderness Society, "how many species have gone extinct, in the US, from the time of Columbus until now because of logging, grazing and mining?" Then ask them to name the species. You will hear thunderous silence.
Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.
On May 28 and 29, CCSDA members Rex Bailey, Larry Lockwood, John Dees, boys, Dan and Mike, and I sold ice cream and lemonade at Lemoore Naval Air Station air show. This is an annual two day show and we did fair. We pushed ice cream carts with a welcomed umbrella to shade us and sold $2,735.00 worth. We didn't make a lot for the club, but we got our feet wet and learned a lot. They treated us real nice and want us back next year. Hopefully, we can get a booth as they are the money makers.
Dan Duebner showed up and worked. The Blue Angels were great, as usual, and the stunt planes were out-a-sight doing the impossible. I don't know how many people showed up, but I think they were expecting over 100,000.
Did you hear about the self help group for compulsive talkers? It's called On & On Anon.
Take some, leave some and be a good sport. Trapper Clear.