These are some hound related terms and their meaning as used in hunting with hounds.

AKC-American Kennel Club.

Automatic strike dog- one that barks as soon as turned loose in a competitive event.

Babbler or lose mouth- barks as soon as turned loose without smelling anything.

Back track- used when the dog is running the track in the wrong direction from what the game has traveled.

Barks per minute-amount of barks during each minute of treeing.

Bawl mouth- long, drawn out bark. Mainly a hound trait.

Baying- when the dog has the game located on the ground and barks at it.

Bitch- a female canine.

Blanketback- a dog that has a black or nearly black back, like a blanket.

Bloodline- dogs pedigree.

Box dog,(rig dog)- dog that will ride on top of the dog box in the back of the truck and strike on game. Usually on bear.

Breaking scent- scent of unwanted game that is used to break dog form running that particular animal.

Brood bitch- a female used mainly for producing pups.

Broke dog- dog that will not chase unwanted game.

Brucellosis- veneral disease that is caused by bacteria. It lives in the female's uterus and vagina and in the male's seamen and testicles. Dogs should be tested before breeding. It is a contagious veneral disease among dogs.

Caged coon- coon placed in a protective wire cage and is used for training purposes.

Catch dog- a dog that is used to physically catch game. Mostly used in wild pig hunting.

Cat foot- in a dog referring to a short-toed, round foot with the knuckles high and well developed.Like a cat's foot.

Changeover bark- different type bark, to indicate a change from trailing to treeing.

Check in- a dog that will range out looking for a track then come back to you when none is found.

Check dog- one that is a broke dog and will come back to the hunter if other dogs are chasing off-game. Used when training pups.

Chop bark, chop mouth- short, fast barks. Mainly a cur dog trait.

Close hunter- dog that stays close while looking for a scent trail.

Cold nose- a dog that can smell a old track that had been made earlier and does not have much scent to it.

Curs- dogs that are hunting dog's, but are not hounds.

Dam- mother.

Dew claws- the false toe and claw on the forelegs of dogs.

Ear canker- infection of dog's inner ear.

Ear mites- tiny insects that cause itching and inflammation in the inner ear of dog's.

Finished dog- a dog that is fully trained to run the desired game only.

Freeze brand- used to permanently mark with desired letters or design for identification. Done by shaving the hair and using a brand that has been placed in alcohol and dry ice to lower the temperature then placed onto the shaved area. Works by changing the hair color to white.

Full Cry- a hound that is hot on a scent trail and is fully open. Also the name of the oldest trail and tree dog magazine.

Fully open- while on a scent trail, barking freely.

Grand Nite Champion- titles earned by competing against other Nite Champions in competition hunts.

Gyp- a young bitch, normally one that has not been bred.

Heart worm- parasitic worm that lives in dog's heart. Preventable with medication.

Hot nose- used to describe dog that will only work a fresh track that was recently made.

Ill dog- one that frequently fights with other dogs.

Junk game- unwanted game.

Layup- when used in coon hunting, describes coon that has not been on the ground recently and is laying up in the tree.

Locate- finding the tree that the game is in. Also the announcement of the tree by the dog.

Loose mouth- opens for no reason, without smelling any scent.

Nite Champion- title earned in organized competitive night hunts.

Nite hunt- competition hunts for coon that are held at night.

Off game- any unwanted game.

Open- the announcement by a dog that a track has been located.

Pressure tree dog- dog that will stay treed until you arrive at the tree. Will not leave the tree for any reason. Will stand the pressure of other dogs barking nearby.

Pup trainer- older dog that is hunted with the pup so the pup can learn from doing.

Purple Ribbon bred- United Kennel club classification of a dog that has at least three generations of registered ancestors.

Scent drag- a drag made of cloth or canvas with scent on it and dragged across the ground to lay a scent trail for training or competitive events.

Silent- runs a track without barking.

Sire- father.

Slick tree- when the dog trees at the tree and there is no game in that tree.

Strike- when the dog barks or opens when it smells a track.

Tight mouth- does not open much on track.

Track- scent trail left by game animal.

Track drifter- works the track by taking shortcuts and not following the entire trail.

Track straddler- follows the trail by smelling every step the game made.

Tracking collar, telemetry collar- a collar that has a transmitter and emits a signal, which is tracked by a receiver. Used for locating lost dogs after the hunt as well as locating treed dogs.

Training scent- scent of game used to lay a trail, used in training and competition events.

Treed, Tree bark-when the dog is at the tree with game in it and barking.

UKC- United Kennel Club.

Wide hunter- when a dog hunts a long distance from you.